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Rewritten Fairytales

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Rewritten Fairytales started in 2018 after a late night of binge-reading the Grimm Brothers  and imagining a world with more epic stories (truly, there can never be enough). The first collection, although not the first one organized by RF, was the Modern Princess Collection. Flooded with inspiration, the organizers set out to create different sets and brainstorm innovative ideas that cross genres and hearts. (Please see the history of our collections here if curious about the past).


We are happy to say what started off as a little light bulb around a few firing neurons quickly rolled into full-out projects with detailed plans and a whole lot of heart. One of our missions is to bring together authors, to help them collaborate as a team and be a support system for each other as they get ready to release. Synergy! Together we are greater. Plus, we don't get lonely.


As for readers, RF's mission is to provide inspiring new books,  to stretch the boundaries of the imagination and see things from a different perspective, and to entertain readers of all ages. We think you'll be surprised by the twists, creativity, and imagination of the authors. We aim to have a little something for every taste. If it's not this collection, then sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about new releases!


As for the stories, Rewritten Fairtyales is behind the theme or world and adds the special, what we call,  "Glue Factor", but the talent is all the authors. the magic is in the words. We just imagine a world/theme where it all exists  together. 

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