Interview with Sonya Jesus

Why did you choose your princess? 

The Snow Queen has always been one of my favorite Andersen fairytales. It’s the loss of innocence and the pursuit of love between Kay and Gerda that made it my first choice.

What was your favorite fairytale growing up? 

Anything. My sister used to make up stories all the time to put me to sleep.

What song did you listen to while writing? 

“Scars to Your Beautiful”  by Aleissa Cara

Are we ever too old to believe in fairytales?


If he were real, which Prince would you date?

 The Wicked Prince.

Why did you start writing? 

I don’t ever remember not writing.

True or False: Every author who writes a romance at some point believed in fairytales? 


What is the toughest thing about writing?

Some days inspiration flows out of nowhere. Other days, I stare at the screen for hours before writing a good sentence. I have to completely feel the characters in my bones before I hit a stride. I get to know them while I write.

How is this book different from your other books?

It’s not as dark as Brutal and Raw, or even the Knights series, but it has the same underlying emotional aspect. It’s still a tortured heart romance because the guy thinks the girl he loved died, but really, she’s right beside him. Different face, same scars.

What's the first word that pops into your head when you hear "Fairytale"?


Please organize (from first to last) based on your writing process: heart, brain, conscience.

It’s already in order. I’m heart-driven, so plotting out every detail is extremely hard for me. Basically, I start with the hardest moment for a character, not the defining moment of his life but the ultimate heartbreak, and then use my brain to work my way from there. At the end, I read through and make sure their concept of right and wrong fits the storyline. For example, Breaker in Brutal and Raw, has a very different moral compass than Lia from the Knights Series. 

Which of your books is your favorite?

Gah. Right now, Brutal and Raw.


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