Every Story is a Fairy tale ... Even the wicked ones.

Rewritten Fairytales

Cinderella Retelling

Kristy Gibs

Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense author, Kristy Gibs, lives in New Jersey with her husband and three young children. She grew up inspired by the words of Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts, and admits the epic fairy tales still sweep her off her feet. Currently, the author spends her free time shuffling her kids between dance and baseball, cooking, and avoiding airplanes at all costs. 


Despite her slight phobia of flying, Kristy Gibs's writing dreams have soared within the last few years. Although the author says she prefers to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground, it's evident she lets her imagination be the one to take flight. Perhaps that's why she's already on her seventh book and has readers anxiously waiting for more.


Her pages are an escape, a world where she can be anything she wants to be. As much as she loves a happily ever after, and is living one of her own, she believes they take work. Butterflies are just the light breeze that fans the heated blush of a lover's cheek. Relationships are built on trust, require respect and sacrifice of pride. 


Readers agree: her books are full of truths. To get into the real HEA, Kristy Gibs peels back the sweet layers of romance and exposes the heart-wrenching moments of love. More often than not, they're sweeter than sin.


Romantic Suspense 

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Gabriella dreamed of a wedding in Italy with the guy she had crushed on for years, and it was all coming true. For her step-sister.

Faced with the heartbreak, Gabriella silently deals with losing her childhood dream in front of the ones who snatched it from her.


While she wades through her sister’s fairy tale, trying to stay afloat in tears, she catches the attention of Mr. Wright.

Ashton is forced to attend all the wedding festivities out of familial obligation, but Gabriella changes his perspective. He gets to see her if he shows up, and that’s motive enough. Getting her to fall in love with him is a bonus.


It isn’t long until Gabriella realizes she had made the right choice in falling in love, but she had made it with the wrong guy.


This New Adult, Cinderella retelling is full of sweet romance and first-love goosebumps.