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Introverted Girl.

Bad Boy Hacker.

Modern princess

She wants answers.

He knows how to find them.

Ryker & Zella

Lauren Helms

Needy, flirty with a touch of heart. 

Lauren Helms has forever been an avid reader from the beginning. After starting a book review website, that catapulted her fully into the book world, she knew that something was missing. Lauren decided to take the plunge and write her first novel.

While working for a video game strategy guide publisher, she decided to mix what she knew best--video games and romance. She decided to take the plunge and joined NaNoWrimo and a month later, she had her first draft. 

Lauren lives in Indianapolis, Indiana sharing her love of books and video games with her own Gamer Boy husband and three little baby nerds who will hopefully grow up to share the things that united Lauren and her husband in their own happily ever after.


Romance Author

Sweet Romance



This year is all about discovering who I really am.

A road trip to a place seven hundred miles away, might not seem like much, but to me it means freedom.

I set out looking for adventure, I never expected Ryker would help me find it.



I'm no prince charming, but I may just be her knight in shining armor.

First, captivated by her ridiculously long blonde hair, I soon find out there is so much more to Zella then her hypnotizing locks.

Turns out those hacking skills I've been practicing are about to come in handy.

A straight-laced princess meets a bad boy is this modern fairy-tale retelling full of first love, music, and just a little illegal hacking.