Maree Moon

Words by the Moon.

Maree Moon is just one of normal people that live in the USA. You know, the kind of person who feels overworked and can't wait to take a break from her day job and get lost in the world her mind creates. She's been thinking of stories for over twenty years, but only a couple years ago did she dedicate her free time to publishing. In the rare moment's that sheshe isn't writing, working, or traveling, she's enjoying some time with family, gardening, or enjoying the moonlight. 


Accidentally gone viral.


Save one old man from falling flat on his face, and all of a sudden, the whole world knows who I am, and I'm getting fired from my job. To keep it, I have to find the person who blasted my face all over the web and labeled me Mr. 3B Hottie.


I have a feeling it's the cute girl I met on the plane, but I have no idea where to start. My only chance at getting things back to normal is to find her and convince her to help me.


Three wishes may not be enough.


An Arabian Night retelling, combines sweet romance and accidental fame, turning the Internet into the genie of love and romance into a chanced encounter.  CHANCED.